Reasons to Quit Spotify

Artist Payout Concerns:

  • Spotify pays artists an average of $0.003 per stream, 60% less than the competitors’ average.

Quality & Service

  • Lack of HiFi quality; competitors offer superior audio resolutions.
  • Lack of Dolby Atmos (Spatial Audio) files
  • No album credits
  • No filtering by record label
  • No music videos
  • Spotify does not Have Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Joanna Newsom and a growing list of artists’ repertoire.

Joe Rogan Controversy:

  • Controversial comments by Joe Rogan led to artist backlash and user boycotts.
  • Spotify’s passive stance on content moderation raised concerns.

Podcast Emphasis Over Music:

  • Spotify promotes podcasts over music, disrupting user experience.

Military Technology Investment:

  • Spotify CEO’s investment in AI military technology raised ethical concerns.
  • Users boycotted Spotify due to CEO’s funding of military efforts.

Free Plan Drawbacks:

  • Ads and restrictions for free users.
  • Limited skips and shuffle mode for free music selection.
  • Dependency on internet connection for music playback.